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ATTENTION - Our website for ordering from our store  is the .com URL address following.  This is the url  We are currently populating this new website with mobile apps, product lines, services and many more resources.  Please visit us there and stand by as our store grows.  Thank you!  The team at AWH.


I first went to see Kendra for a pain in my neck coupled with numbness in my arms.  I had gone to several other practitioners who had given me medications and exercises that did not help very much.  Having never tried auricular therapy before, I must admit that I was skeptical.  However, her knowledge and manner with me allowed me to trust her.  In one session, the pain in my neck was gone and feelings were coming back into both of my arms the next day.  And to think that the solution to my problems rested inside my ears—made the whole experience unbelievable!  I was excited about this experience and continuing the work on my arms was successful.  With auricular therapy, it is convenient to work on more than one or two issues, so I did some other work as well with emotional issues and to had inflammation reduced in my kidneys.  I appreciated getting in touch with some truths in my life that I got to work on successfully with Kendra.  She is very serious about her work, is wise about health and has good insights.  I highly endorse that anyone give auricular therapy a try for any health issues.  It has many benefits you can read about.  I will refer Kendra to my friends and family and am thankful for her work on my behalf.  I am healthier now and experience more happiness.
Amanda W. - Parker, CO

I had originally gone to AWH because I was to have both of my wrists operated on for carpal tunnel syndrome.  It is now six months later and I have never had to have the surgeries due to the auricular work done on me by Kendra. The combination of various therapies working together is great. It is a place of serious work, unconditional love, gentle humor and amazing results.  These practitioners have genuine loving spirits and share with me how they want to  help humanity through their skills, compassion and dedicated service.  I am glad to be one of them.
Robert D. - Lakewood, CO

When you work with Kendra there is one thing that will happen for sure; your level of awareness in health will go up.  She really seeks to understand your health needs and any emotional components of that with empathy and her subtle healing energies, which are a bonus to working with her.  She will also help you gain insights into your health issues and blockages that may be affecting you.  You do not have to wait to get a heart attack, as I did in my case, to begin waking up to nutritional improvements and life changes.  You not only get expert auricular treatment, but you also get intangible benefits as her heart is so dedicated to her clients.   I am also doing the NES Scanning program with her and we are getting real good results with my heart strength improving and other changes for the better in my overall health and balance.  I know from first hand experience, I am doing better because of my work with AWH.  
Britta P. -  Aurora, CO

My experience with Tony Franco is unprecedented in my life. I am receiving help that can not be found anywhere else. This is based on decades of working with different professionals for my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms. Tony is honest, gifted in healing and interacts with me on a personal level. He uses a combination of healing and psychotherapy which goes very far in engaging the process to a deeper level. My constant symptomatic state has lessened over time because of the work I do with Tony. I truly have been blessed to find such a wonderful, kind and effective bio-energetic practitioner.
Cindy M. - Culver City, CA

Working on my health issues with AWH has been a life-changing opportunity. I had blocked up PTSD from multiple accidents and surgeries which was a road block for me in many ways. I have grown in ways I could never have imagined and now can seek to keep my body and mind well. I appreciated being able to use spiritual energy and receive counseling skills as well for some of my own soul growth and to deepen my love for God. His love for God is evident.
Angie K. - Denver, CO

I was a victim of many years of physical and sexual abuse. I never thought I could ever trust working with a man on my issues. My girlfriends referred me to Tony --- and it was the best advice I ever received from a friend. I can't explain how good and safe it feels to work with someone who is so kind, gentle, and devoted to my process. He has been a huge Blessing in my life. He is AWESOME!
Elizabeth R. - Pacific Palisades, CA

Do you believe in Miracles? I can't say that I did until I experienced one doing work with Tony. I had prostate cancer, and Tony worked with me energetically and holistically to help me balance my health and detoxify.  I experienced Christ's unconditional love in the room very strongly in one of my sessions. I saw a vision of Christ in the room and became a firm believer of this process. I knew in my heart that at that moment my cancer was gone!  Medical tests confirmed what I knew to be true: there was no more cancer!
Larry D. - Ontario, Canada

My 14-month-old baby girl had an unknown medical condition in which her body temperature was running high for over three months. The medical community could not get her temperature back to normal. I took her to Tony and in less than 2 hours her body temperature came back to normal and has remained there ever since. This was a miracle for my precious daughter.
Allison F. - Jacksonville, FL

I had suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. My work with Tony has brought a tremendous sense of calm and inner peace that I had never known before. My family and friends have told me that I am so much nicer to be around since I have done this work --- and that I look much younger! I was carrying around a lot of unnecessary stress which had worn down my health.  Working on the soul level is a lot of hard work but Tony is a phenomenol counselor who got to my core issues quickly and helped me to regain my emotional and physical health.  He made it very safe, unconditionally loving and even FUN!
Anne W. - Dallas, TX





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Science of the Heart
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