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Energy Healing
Today, energy healing embraces a broad arena, with many individual schools of thought that all lead to new found evidence that we are electromagnetic beings. Healing with energy is a technique based on healing the energetic anatomy of the body, rather than the physical.  Spiritual and energetic healers understand that disease and pain often come from stuck energies in the body.  In the knowledge that the bodies carries the memories of past trauma, physical, emotional and spiritual alike, the healer can then go about creating whole-body wellness through the manipulation of the body's subtle energies. There is no sense in treating only symptoms of illness; one must undertake a full-body healing in order to truly regain health. 

Spiritual Healing
" In The Revealing Word, Charles Fillmore wrote: "The first step in all spiritual healing is to believe, and the next step is openness and receptivity to the stream of healing life. Through the exercise of faith and our words, our spiritual quality is fused into unity with the power of the Christ and the work is marvelously accomplished."

Spiritual Healing is linked to subtle energies that are not easily discernable. This healing is using God's power, the Spirit and Unconditional Love. The most amazing and fundamental characteristic of God is his capacity for unconditional love. This is a beautiful love which embodies an absolute concern for another's welfare without having any preconditions. As people develop a deeper connection with God, they are able to experience a greater degree of unconditional love and their heart awakens to more passion for life and its blessings. It is important to understand that fear is one of the hindrances to the intimacy of this blessing and thus keeps us from fulfilling the complete realization of our life's mission.

I do not believe there is any healing without a spiritual connection. When body tissue corrects its balance and the immune system works, it is doing what God created it to do. The body needs to be at a higher frequency in order to heal. The Holy Spirit is the Giver and Counselor that guides me with the work I do on this level. 

Unconditional Love
We came into this world filled with God's presence and unconditional love. As we became enmeshed in our physical form, we took on the limitations of experiencing love attached to various conditions. Most of us had to "perform" in one way or another: whether it was getting good grades, playing sports, or meeting all sorts of expectations that our well meaning loved ones harbored. We came to know love as something we had to work for, or something that was not even attainable. Consequently, much of the fear, anger, lack of emotional intimacy, and emptiness that plague modern humanity today stems from a lack of real love. Love is not based ultimately on "what" we do, but inherently on "who" we are.

Every person longs to be accepted at their core. It only takes one person in our life to solidify this need from a human basis. Of course, God is a never ending source of love to us. He intends for us to expand our hearts with this amazing resource.

On our journey toward healing the deep wounds and empty places in our soul, we need to learn to receive this birthright. Not only must we begin to unconditionally love ourselves, but we must bring this kind of love back into our families, our friendships, our communities and ultimately our world. God loves us unconditionally, and we are meant to love one another in the same way. This love is freely given, based purely on the essence of who we are.

More from Dr. Charles Reinert:
SO, WHAT DO ADVANCED ENERGY HEALERS ACTUALLY DO when they interact with the field of the patient?

There seem to be at least two points of view. One way to look at the effect is that the healer is physically “adding energy” to the field of the patient, where this energy is of a kind and quality which can be easily absorbed by the patient and integrated with her own energy field. Metaphorically speaking, one can add energy to a stalled automobile simply by setting fire to a piece of paper inside the passenger compartment, but this does little to make the vehicle move. On the other hand, one can also add energy of a higher quality and organization by filling the tank with gasoline-- this gets the job done! 

A second way to look at energy healing extends the first concept. We know, of course, that energy fields can sometimes involve huge amounts of information-- witness the electromagnetic energy fields emanating from a radio tower. In similar fashion, the energy fields permeating a living organism are much more than simply a demonstration that the body is “alive” and therefore giving off “heat and light”. Rather, they are also fields of information. Some researchers in fact suggest that it is these subtle energy fields and the information which they contain, which communicate information to the cells of the body, so that the cells “know what to do” in the process of living. Therefore, it is to be expected that an experienced energy healer is also communicating information to the patient, of a sort intended to help the patient heal.  This quote is from the following website of Dr. Charles Reinert.



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Emotional Balance and Health


Some Physical Conditions that AWH addresses:

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